User Guide

How to Install PC Utility:

An installation of PC Utility is very easy.  Following these steps.
  1.  Double-click on PC Utility Setup (exe).
  2. Click on “Next” button. 
  3. Click On “I Agree” button, if you accept term & conditions of PC Utility License otherwise click on “Cancel”.
  4. Click on “Install” button. If you want to change installation path of app then click on “Browse” and set another path. After selecting install path click on “Install”.
  5.  Now PC Utility Installing on Your System.
  6. Click on “Finish” button. System will be Restart after click on finish by default, if you want to system restart later/manual then select another radio button option before click on “Finish” button.
  7. Now PC Utility successfully installed on your system.
 After Restarting you can see PC Utility app icon in your system tray.

How to use PC Utility.

      How to open:  click on PC Utility app icon in system tray to open interface of PC Utility.
Now main window appear on your screen

Main Window:

Here six control buttons. These entire performing different-different tasks. See Image
a)      Log off: log off button is used for “End window session and close all running apps.”
b)      Shut down: button is used for “turn off your system.”
c)     Reset: reset button is used for “Restart or Reboot” your system. With this your system will shut down and start again.
d)     Screen off:  button is used for power saving of your screen. It can power off your screen. Press any key from keyboard or move mouse in any direction for screen power on.
e)      Auto task: To open auto task app window.
f)       Settings: To open app setting window.

Auto Task window:

In Auto task window user can set schedule of auto tasks. Such as log off. Here “Start Time” labels show time, when you start the task. “End time” label show time, that set by user  and “Remaining Time.” showing how much time is left before operation.  See Image


How to apply auto task:

1.       First set time using “hour”,” minutes”, “AM/PM” combo box.
2.       Select task by using “Tasks” combo box.
3.       Now, click on “Apply” button.
4.       “Cancel” button for go back to main window.


How to cancel or change auto task:

If you want to stop auto schedule before operation finished, then click on “Reset” button. Auto Schedule canceled and now you can set again new auto tasks.  


Setting Window:

In setting window you can change configuration of app. See Image
1.      Check box “Automatic run at startup”: if you want PC Utility start automatically then check it, otherwise uncheck it.
2.       Check box “Run minimized mode”: if you want PC Utility start in minimized mode and locate in system tray then check it, otherwise uncheck it, PC Utility run in normal mode.  
3.    Check box “Enable auto-tasks notification”: if you Pc Utility give you alert message of auto schedule while “60 seconds” remaining, check it otherwise auto-task notification will not displaying.
4.       Process kill mode: with this you can easily change windows registry key values. Best mode is better. If your system shutdowns slow then you can set to normal or fast according your system.
Apply: with “Apply” button you can apply new configurations.
Cancel: with “Cancel” button you can discard new configuration.


POP UP Menu:

Right click on PC Utility app icon in system tray, pop up menu appear. Pop up menu providing some control options: See Image
Open/minimize: you can minimize opened app or open app main windows.
Settings: To open app setting window.
Quick Control: you can perform basic task without opening main app window.
Check for updates: for checking newer version of this app in updater window. If new version available then you can download new version clicking on “Download” button otherwise button is disabled. “Cancel” button for exiting.
LPU Home-Page: To open Luckhysoft PC Utility Official Home Page.
Feedback: Online web page for giving feedback for PC Utility.
About:  About window of PC utility. Here you can see App Name, Version, Descriptions, copy write, developer warning.
Exit: if you want to close PC Utility from system tray and current your, click on Exit.

Notification window: 

If you want to abort scheduled task click on Exit button.

How to Uninstall PC Utility:

1.       Go to Start =>all programs => Luckhysoft => PC Utility
2.       Click on Uninstall (exe). PC Utility Uninstall windows appear on screen.
3.       Click on “Uninstall” button for Uninstalling or click on “Cancel” button for exit.
4.       Now, PC Utility is Uninstalling.
5.       Click on “Finish” button.
6.       PC Utility Uninstalled Successfully.