Thursday, 3 January 2013

GTA-SA Water Tower (Update)

OLD Version Picture
            3D water tower building (real Indian water supply building) for GTA SA. In this 3D building

Mod including A Water Tower, A Control Room, A ground with public park with excellent quality.
No game crash static bug. in the game it placed on near the big spread Ranch in country side. 
where it makes good location area. 

How To Install:-

               Copy the folder "build" to data\maps
             And add these lines to GTA.dat

                   IMG DATA\MAPS\build\build.IMG
                   IDE DATA\MAPS\build\build.IDE
                   IPL DATA\MAPS\build\build.IPL


                    Copy the gta.dat file to data.

                     If game crash! 

                    Use Tools"ImgLimitAdjuster.asi" and "SaLimitAdjuster"
                    (increase coll files,model limit using salimitadjuster)
                    Change object ID in IDE & IPL files
                     Extract model files from IMG and add in to gta3.img

 YouTube Video


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